Oğuz Paslanmaz Vision and Principles

Oğuz Paslanmaz Boru, which has been in service of Turkish industry since 1997, has a strong institutional infrastructure with young, dynamic, innovative structure and years of experience. We provide fast supply processes and economical prices for all the qualified product range that industrialists need, and continue to strengthen our pioneering position accepted by all sector stakeholders.

Oğuz Paslanmaz has a mission to provide integrated solutions in supply, sales and application, with its universal pattern, following Total Quality Management directives and the principles of customer and employee happiness. While presenting them, it is a well-established, corporate culture-based industrial company that has never compromised honesty, transparency and humanity values.

Our vision as Oğuz Paslanmaz Boru is to protect our ethical values and to provide proper service to the Turkish industrialists and to keep customer satisfaction in the foreground.


The acceptance of the products we are importing by relevant sectors, Oğuz Paslanmaz to be called and to be searched for with these products, is our first priorty without economic worries. Our customers, our employees, and the stakeholders of the sector, who have been with us since 1997 when we started trading with this idea, are our indispensables.


To ensure the continuity of our products in the sector with competitive prices and to make a positive contribution to the Turkish industry without sacrificing our quality will always be our priority targets.

Our ideal of providing high quality products and services in every circumstance makes every business we do valuable regardless of its size. In order to do better, we are always open to technological innovation, innovation, change, criticism and warnings.

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